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Drones for computer vision applications (Summer School)

Semester: Summer, 2024 (August 5th to 16th)
Level: BSc. Engineering
Institution: University of Southern Denmark
Website (incl. enrollment): https://www.sdu.dk/en/summerschool

This course is open to international students

This course will teach you how to construct and fly drones for real-world applications based on computer vision. You will work in teams of 3 students on lab exercises in drone hardware and software, computer vision algorithms, drone operations, and ethics. This leads to a mini project where you construct a multirotor drone and a camera payload, fly the drone outdoors at the nearby national UAS Denmark test center, and then use your computer vision algorithms to post-process the recorded video footage. You will also get presentations of state-of-the-art drone research and innovation. This year's course is linked to the EU project WildDrone.