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Student project survival guide

This page contains relevant material for students who have chosen me as supervisor for Msc, Bsc or individual student projects. I will update the content of this folder continually. If you are missing any information please let me know.

This student project survival guide wiki contains various pages aiming to help students who are writing a masters or bachelor thesis or are conducting an individual student project. Some of the information herein is very generic, some is biased by my personal opinion and some is only relevant when I am the project supervisor. I recommend that you read it all and then use what you think is applicable to your project. Remember that in the end it is your personal project and your sole responsibility.

Before beginning your masters thesis, bachelor thesis or an individual student project you need to understand the Scientific process. When you have fully understood this, it is time to send an application to the student board. The page Application will help you with this.

Working your way through a project is a challenging process with many pitfalls. The page Project aims to describe how to use proper scientific methods. If you are working together with one or more students you might want to read the document Group as well.

Throughout your project you will probably be supervised by an employee at your institute. In case that is me you should read the page Supervision which contains my guidelines and rules on the supervision process.

The project report is where you document your project. It is probably the primary basis for your supervisor and external examiner's assessment of your work. You should therefore invest many resources in writing a good report. The page Report will give you various tips and hints. The page References explains how to do proper referencing in your report.

If you have to defend your project work at an oral exam you should read the pages Bachelor thesis exam and Master thesis exam to get some tips on how to survive that.